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Door 1Single Emergency Door

Two or Three point locking option with internal emergency egress handle. Doors are formed to match bus contours.

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Door 2Double Wheelchair/Emergency Door

The double door provides low still height, ample access for wheel chair operations and emergency egress.

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Door 3Drivers Door

Key lock entry handle, internal, panels, handles and glazing to meet customer requirements.

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Door 4Double Rear-entry Wheelchair Door

Double Rear-entry Wheelchair Doors with single bonded glass and customer specified interior trim.

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Who are we?

Aerosubs Limited is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of products for the aerospace and transport industries.

Working in partnership with customers, we design, develop and produce a range of products for the Aerospace and Bus industries.

In conjunction with our sister companies, Dontaur Engineering (Machining Centre) and Aerospace Metal Finishers (Treatment and Surface Finishing.) We provide customers with a one-stop-shop service.